About Aeroform Athletics®

Who We Are – About Aeroform Athletics®

Aeroform Athletics® evolved from a small manufacturing company founded in 1985 to a highly adaptable organization that produces exceptional composites for many team sports and training applications.  In today’s rapidly changing business environment, we manufacture our own branded products and OEM products for many other large manufacturers across the country.

What Aeroform Athletics®Does

Aeroform Athletics® is a custom manufacturer of urethane foam and fiberglass composite products.

Our branded products include Pitch Pro® portable baseball game mounds and platforms and Field Armor® ground fortification system for baseball and softball fields. At Aeroform Athletics®, we use our expertise to develop unique products that improve consumers’ experiences on the ball field. Because portable pitching mounds are essential in today’s youth baseball market, we saw a need to develop higher quality, longer-lasting mound than any other mound on the market.

There is more to pitching than a youngster standing on a mound and throwing toward home plate.  Confidence, consistency, and comfort level with their equipment all play a part in throwing strikes. We’ll let the coaches work on proper mechanics.  With Pitch Pro®, our goal has always been to provide the best game mound available to achieve that success.  Pitch Pro® portable mounds are developed, tested, and used in the country’s top complexes and youth leagues.

Divisions of Aeroform Athletics®

Pitch Pro® portable mounds and platforms are designed with the aid of a Major League Baseball head groundskeeper for batting practice, and outdoor bullpen / indoor facility pitching uses and are currently utilized in 12 Major League stadiums. We also have a clientele of current and former major league pitchers who purchased the baseball platforms for personal and family use.

Field Armor® consists of Aeroform Athletics® newest and most innovative line of products.  This ground fortification product line offers decreased maintenance time and labor cost in batters’ boxes, catcher’s area, and softball pitchers areas.  The sub-surface panels are non-porous, waterproof, and withstand years of use.  Field Armor® is designed to provide protection against top dressing soil damage from players cleats, poor drainage, and regular sliding areas over time.

In addition to our line of Pitch Pro® and Field Armor® products, we also provide quality finished goods and components to our OEM partners for use in basketball, football, and gymnastics.  Aeroform Athletics® products have been used in the Summer Olympic Games and NCAA Division I competition.    Whether your passion is on the field, on the court, or in the gym, we will develop products to improve your sports experience.