Field Armor FAQ

Field Armor Batter’s Box Fortification Panels Q &A

Q. What is Field Armor?

A. Field Armor is a buried ground fortification panel that eliminates rutting and puddling of water in high-use areas on the playing field.

Q. Are there maintenance cost savings from using Field Armor?

A. YES! Field Armor greatly reduces the time needed to repair these high use areas…mainly around the batters and catchers’ box areas.

Q. What are the safety benefits if Field Armor?

A. The elimination of ruts will provide a more stable footing area for hitters and pitchers and provide a safer (smoother) area around home plate for sliding.

Q. How does it prevent puddling of water?

A. Field Armor helps in the prevention of puddling of water in TWO ways – 1. With the prevention of rutting, water cannot pool in those areas – 2. With our durable and unique design, Field Armor creates a draining effect that allows areas to dry faster and allow games to be played on quicker.

Q. How much does Field Armor weigh?

A. Unlike our heavy (190lbs) and cumbersome competition, Field Armor panels weighs LESS THAN 50Lbs!

Q. Is installation difficult?

A. No. It does require some digging but with our step by step instructions that includes photos, two people can install a complete 3 panel set around home plate in about 2 hours.