Pitch Pro Mounds FAQ

Q. Can players perform a pickoff moves off smaller mounds?
A. Absolutely. Thousands of games are played every year off smaller mounds and pickoffs have never been an issue – The largest tournament groups in the US use these size mounds across the nation.

Q. Do the mounds/platforms come in green or other turf colors?
A. No. Pitch Pro believes since traditional pitching mounds are dirt. We have worked closely with our turf manufacturer to create a mound as close in color to dirt as possible.

Q. How long do the mounds/platforms last?
A. We offer a 10 year core warranty on all of our portable mounds and platforms and is unmatched by any competitors’ warranty. Our rigid support structure has proven to be the strongest portable mound available.

Q. Is the turf a warranty item?
A. No. Since turf companies will not extend warranties to ANY portable mound company, no warranty is available. The type of cleat used on mounds plays a part in turf wear.

Q. Is the pitching rubber/Launch Pad® replaceable?
A. Yes. The pitching rubber and launch pad are easily replaceable and the rubber is simply spiked directly thru the launch pad. The launch pad needs to be pulled up (small hand tools) and a new one reattached with adhesive (easily purchased like liquid nail or gorilla glue) and left over night (weighted down).

Q. What about turf repair?
A. When the time comes for turf repair, we offer turf repair kits. Just one of the great qualities of our mounds is the ability to repair the worn turf and not the mound. Foam mounds are nearly impossible to repair once the ‘seal’ has been broken between the turf and the foam.

Q. How much do the mounds weigh?
A. All of our weights and dimensions (stride length, footprint, weight, suggested age range and pitching distance) are listed on our product sheets as well as the buyer’s guide located on our website. 334-10lbs (a training mound designed for back yard use), 465-65lbs, 486-110lbs, 796-225lbs, 898-280lbs, 812-320lbs, 504-95lbs, 508-115lbs, 516-130lbs…all are averages.

Q. What leagues are Pitch Pro mounds approved for play?
A. That’s a good a question. Most (if not all) rules books state a ‘gradual’ slope towards home is what is required for a mound. Pitch Pro referenced the MLB rulebook to match as closely as possible the 1” of drop per foot as stated in the pitching mound specifications section. We also took player safety into consideration and produced mounds with the leading edge of the mound to be built without a ‘front lip’. Considering all the variations of rules and leagues, our mounds are currently used in USSSA, Triple Crown, Pony, Babe Ruth, Little League, Super Series as well as High Schools, Colleges, Park/Rec. and countless leagues across the U.S.

Q What is the difference between a game mound and a platform?
A. Games mounds are designed for on the field game play. Platforms are designed for practicing purposes – such as batting practice and pitching.

Q. How much is freight?
A. Several variables are considered. The model 334 – is able to go Fed-Ex/UPS. The 465/486 have a flat rate of $125/$150 anywhere in the lower 48 states. The larger mounds require a freight quote. For quoting purposes on the spot… use 15% of retail and you should be safe – things to consider for shipping – multiple mounds order (can actually lower cost per mound) limited access, place of business vs residential and need for lift gate – all affect freight rates.