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Cole Camp High School Field Maintenance Cost Comparison

Cole Camp High School Field Maintenance Cost Comparison

Cost Comparison:

  • Cost of installing Field Armor: $2,888 (for a standard 3-pack)
  • Annual cost of clay: $1,200
  • Field Armor pays for itself in approximately 2.5 years at Cole Camp High School.

Advantages of Field Armor:

  • Performance: Field Armor provides a solid, durable surface for players. It ensures better footing for batters, catchers, and pitchers, contributing to improved performance.
  • Maintenance: Daily field repair time is significantly reduced, as no holes are left behind, and maintenance simply involves raking. This cuts down on both time and costs associated with clay.
  • Financial Savings: Field Armor eliminates the need for yearly repairs of batters' boxes and mounds, allowing the school to allocate funds elsewhere.

Results and Conclusion:

  • The implementation of Field Armor not only saved money previously spent on clay but also reduced the time required for field maintenance. This financial and time efficiency has enabled the school to allocate resources to other areas of the program.
  • The use of Field Armor significantly reduced bullpen mound repairs, from around 5 minutes to just 15 seconds.
  • Field Armor has demonstrated its ability to withstand daily use and maintain a high-quality playing surface.
  • Overall, Field Armor Athletics Pitching Mounds have proven to be a cost-effective and efficient solution for Cole Camp High School, reducing maintenance costs, saving time, and enhancing the performance of their baseball and softball facilities. Coach Rusk emphasizes that Field Armor allows them to "put them in the ground and forget about them," underlining its long-term benefits.