Install & Maintenance

Installation Tips And General Maintenance
Mounds And Platforms

Replacing the Launch Pad/Pitching Rubber

1. Pull the pitching rubber up thru the Launch Pad. The rubber is spiked thru the pad. Wiggle rubber back and forth and try pulling up so all 3 spikes are sliding thru at the same time – this prevent from pulling one of the nuts out of the rubber.

2. The Launch Pad is adhered with a urethane glue. You can use tools such as pliers or chisel to remove it. Some of the launch pad may rip apart and stay on the mound… use a scraper to remove the remaining rubber left on the mound. You can use a wire brush or grinder to remove as much of existing glue on the mound as possible.

3. Apply a generous amount of urethane based adhesive (Gorilla Glue or comparable) on the mound ensuring glue reaches the edges.

4. Place launch pad on mound and apply a sandbag or heavy object to use as ballast on top of launch pad to hold it place as the adhesive cures.

5. Allow glue to set up overnight.

6. Spike rubber back thru the pre-drilled launch pad hole.

*Note: If replacing Launch Pad onto a mound that did not originally have one installed, or had a smaller pad, you may need to remove some turf as well. Before applying adhesive, place the Launch Pad on the mound in the correct placement to make sure it will have enough clearance to be glued down to the fiberglass substrate. Use a marker and trace around the new launch pad. Use a utility knife and cut the trace line. Use a scraper or similar tool to clean the surface before applying adhesive.

Mound Maintenance/Storage

  • Launch Pad and Rubber Replacement
    See our section on Launch Pad and Rubber replacement.
  • Washing Mounds
    Dirt and infield material will migrate thru the turf adding weight to the mound and a chance to act as an abrasive to the turf adhesion. Power washing the mounds on occasion is a good practice and will help eliminate the abrasion and added weight.
  • Storage of Mounds
    All Pitch Pro game mounds use a unique gel coat-down on the underside of the mound. This coat-down prevents moisture from attacking the resins needed to build mounds and allow Pitch Pro mounds to be stored inside or outside… regardless of weather conditions.

Platform Maintenance/Storage

  • Wheel Kit Tire Pressure
    The turf friendly wheel kits on our platforms are similar to a wheel barrow… tire pressure can change when sitting idle for periods and may require the need to fill them back to the pressure stated on the side wall.

Field Armor Installation