As the upcoming high school baseball season approaches, Aeroform Athletics has played a pivotal role in elevating the playing experience for three local high schools. Staley High School, Winnetonka High School, and Oak Park High School have each undergone significant renovations, receiving state-of-the-art turf fields in preparation for the upcoming season.

A standout feature on these newly renovated fields is the inclusion of Aeroform Athletics' Model 1810 pitching mound. This innovative mound, known for its quality and versatility, has become a staple at these local high schools, providing a professional-level playing surface for the young athletes.

The collaboration between Aeroform Athletics and these high schools not only underscores the company's commitment to supporting local sports but also highlights the widespread adoption of their products within the community. As these high schools gear up for the baseball season, the presence of Aeroform's pitching mounds promises to contribute to an enhanced and dynamic playing environment for both players and fans alike.