What color of turf do you offer?

Pitch Pro only carries one color of turf. The turf color is a medium tan that closely resembles the color of dirt.

What colors are offered in the platforms (Gel coated sides)?

We stock forest green, royal blue and white. Custom colors are available for an extra $50 and may add a few days to delivery time.

Is the launch pad included on all mounds?

Yes, on all game mounds the launch pad is included. The Model 504 and 508 Platforms do not come with the launch pad.

Do all platforms include wheel kits?

No… the only platform that includes a wheel kit is the Model 516. Wheel kits are option on the models 504 and 508 – but do come with pre-drilled holes.

Can we leave the mounds outside at all times?

Absolutely! All Pitch Pro portable mounds/platforms are built to last outdoors… no matter the weather conditions.

Are your mounds approved for tournament play?

Yes! Pitch Pro portable mounds have successfully be in use in every youth baseball program offered… and currently used in all 50 states in the USA .

Do your mounds and platforms come with any kind of warranty?

ALL Pitch Pro mounds and platforms come with a 5 Year warranty on the core. The turf and pitching rubber do not have a warranty… see ‘Truth about Turf’ on our website.


How soon will my mound(s) ship?

Most orders ship the next day… larger orders (6 mounds or more) may take up to 5 business days.

Are there discounts when ordering multiple mounds?

As the manufacturer, we do not offer discounts on any order. Discounts can be negotiated with any of our fine distributors.